the Hunleys - Family Documentary Photography

Hampton Roads Family Photographer | Family Documentary Session | Chesapeake, Virginia

This is the real stuff, when they hold their toys way too close to your face that your eyes can't even focus.  The breakfasts that become uneatable but at least they were being creative (right?????).  Just a little bit of madness and wild thrown into the sweetness so that you aren't a puddle of emotion and tears every day.  A day when the story is about wet skittles, naked butts, beautiful bare bellies, kisses, hugs, and popsicles.

The Hunley Family welcomed me into their home on a warm sunny weekday over the summer.  They made and ate breakfast, poured TONS of sprinkles on pancakes and bacon, laughed and read, splashed in their kiddie pool, and played jokes on Mom and Dad.  The kids were so sweet talking about their soon-to-be newest addition, holding onto mom's tummy.  They were so real with me, showing me their happy and sometimes their less than happy - the stuff that you laugh about later because it's funny when you're not in the moment. 

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