Family Documentary Photographer Virginia Beach - the Piland family - In-home Session

Family Documentary Photographer Virginia Beach | In Home Session

Family documentary sessions where you can run around in your diaper?  Yes, please.

My talented friend, Stephanie, who is also an amazingly talented wedding and boudoir photographer, invited me to their home way back in July to photograph a day of doing all their favorite things.  Connor was at a really fun age - where everything seems too big for him to accomplish, but he's so determined to do it anyway.  Nothing is off limits.  Sitting on the dog?  Check.  Throwing dirt into our own eyes?  Check.  Bike rides and popsicles?  Check and check.

It’s been ages since these images were taken and Connor is not so small and has a little brother. It’s ridiculous how time flies. I think about when my oldest was just him. An only child. A time he doesn’t even remember. I’m sure the same is true for Connor and I’m sure he won’t remember this crazy lady (me) following him around taking photos in devoted documentary fashion.

These are a few of my favorites.

If you’re interested in having your own family documentary session but aren’t really sure all that goes into the planning (or the lack thereof), get in touch. Shoot me an email and we’ll plan your very own family documentary session whether it’s a whole day or just an hour glimpse into this time in your family’s life.