the Larson boys - Family Documentary Session

Hampton Roads Family Photographer | Family Documentary Session | Norfolk, Virginia

Christiana and her boys have become such amazing friends of ours in Norfolk, just a few blocks away. She found me on Instagram and wanted to do a session at home with just her and her boys since it’s so often the two of them and there are no photos of her with them, playing and being together on an “ordinary” day.

It's very often the case that moms are not in the photos with their kids.  Usually, they're the ones taking the photos.  When the kids are little, there's this period of time that gets a bit forgotten - the time where they are just young enough they won't remember and when only one parent is around during the day or in the evenings, these memories belong to only one person.  Never shared, least of all with the kids.

Someday the kids will ask, "What was it like when I was little?"  "What was it like when I was learning to walk?"  In the future, after you've moved a house or two, "What did our old house look like?"

I love how brave both of her boys are.  They are adventurous and independent in their own unique ways and I can safely say much of that comes from their mama.

You deserve to have photos just like this with your littles, playing and cuddling. I’d love to hear how you spend your days with your babies and plan a time to document it for you. Get in touch!