January 2018 - Virginia Beach Family Documentary Photographer

I didn't feel like a family documentary photographer at my home last year.  Along with other work, I started a project that quickly started to eat up a bunch of my time, even if it did fill my heart.  When it came to taking photos of my own children, in my home where we spend a lot of our time (classic homebodies), I often felt too tired to pick up my camera.  To clarify - I wasn't missing anything.  I cherished our moments without a camera in my hand, because the camera started to become a device for work - not for enjoyment.  This year, I'm changing that feeling.  Letting the camera be a part of my hand sometimes and not for others.  Intentionally taking a moment to document our days, and forgiving myself if, on that day, I simply don't feel like it.  To say, I would rather be in this moment than on the other side of my camera for it and that's OK. 

January was flash.  I won't kid myself - all of last year was a flash.  That's what it feels like, when you're busy and your kids are growing.  I looked at my oldest, Henry, one day this past month and realized how tall he had gotten.  The next day I looked again from a new perspective and realized how small he still is to the world around him.  It's not his fault that his mama is just over five feet tall.  Anyone is tall compared to me.  It creeps up.  My little William turned four at the end of December and he's matured into a little man that can just about keep up with his older brother.  He's so affectionate and so excited to become a big brother in May.

Every age my children hit, it feels chaotic and hilarious.  Constantly keeping up with who they are and the foods they like right now when everything else is going on and needs to be done - it all just rushes by.  This school year we began homeschooling and in January, William became part of that homeschooling routine.  To even call it a routine is kind of dishonest - as we've left public school and realize more fully the flexibility that we have to learn, explore, and interact with one another, we are constantly changing the way that we do school, bit by bit.  As I've learned how each one of my children learn best, we get to evolve our ways of learning and I'm so grateful to have this time with them, to really get to know them and fill their learning needs.

This is what our January has looked like.  I don't believe in confining myself to a 365 - I know that I would fail.  That there are days that neither my children, nor I, want to involve the camera in whatever we are doing.  For us, this is what works - just making a point to take more photos.  Document the silliness and take each day as it comes.