Emma Willich
Emma Willich

emma willich

family documentary photographer and overall fun human to hang out with.

Based out of norfolk, Virginia.


There are lots of things I dreamt of being as a girl. A mother was not on that list. A photographer - maybe - but not a mom. But I fell in love with this boy (the guy up there sitting on the steps next to me), and I started thinking how cute our babies would be. Now there’s so much love that fills my house - more than I could have ever imagined.

When we moved to Virginia, I started taking photos of our babies and our life while that cute boy was deployed - so I could remember all the good stuff and so could he. I never put my camera down and here we are with three boys that look just like Chris, 2 dogs, and a cat that doesn’t care for any of us very much.


Things I love:


splashing in puddles / taking long walks / cuddling with dogs (cats too if they’ll let you) / naps in the afternoon / tickle fights / fishy kisses / regular kisses / days cuddled on the couch watching harry potter / celebrating ordinary mornings with donuts / twinkly lights / roasting marshmellows on a campfire / treating every day like an adventure / hugs / belly laughs

Think we make a good fit?

Get in touch and let’s be friends!! I’d love nothing more than to plan a day together to photograph your family!