What I Offer

Family Photography is certainly an investment. I do not take lightly the amount you invest, since you have a family and a home to budget for. If you’re looking for just a couple quick shots for the lowest price - I am definitely not your gal.

However, if you want to tell me all about your family and run around in love and be silly - let’s be friends and start chatting!

Sessions start small at 90 minute (almost "mini") session and go all the way to full "Day in the Life" sessions as they are often called.  Every session includes the digital files to download, share, and print yourself.


Snapshot Session

90 minutes (1.5 hour) session
One location
50-100 images
Digital gallery to download + share



Half Day Session

4 hour session
Multiple locations
200+ images
$200 print credit
Digital gallery to download + share


Day in the Life Session

8+ hour session
I tag along where your day takes you
Day in the Life Film
400+ images
$300 print credit
Digital gallery to download + share


Now you're wondering, "Which do I choose??"

It's okay.  You're in good hands.  Before you book and schedule and pay anything, we'll talk about the really important stuff - the things that you most enjoy doing together as a family.  Maybe you want to start slow and capture a morning at home making and eating pancakes with ice cream and sprinkles.  Maybe you want to go for it and capture an entire day of hanging out as a family - from the kids running into your room in the morning and jumping on the bed through to bedtime stories and snuggles.

Won't it be weird having someone with us all day photographing our every move?

Nope.  I say no, but I guess it sort of could be, if you really want to make it weird.  But at the end of the day, I’m just a wife/mom/friend/person that happens to be holding a camera. I won’t make you do anything weird and to be fair, I won't be clicking my shutter every second the entire day.  I'm super easy to get along with and bring my own snacks.

We’ve never done this before and we’re nervous!

I hear this all the time so no worries - I got you. We’ll talk about all the things you might be worried about and I’ll relieve every one of them. Promise.

Reserve your date by putting only $100 down for any session.