my approach to family documentary sessions


There's this feeling I get sometimes.  It happens when I least expect it.  The sun shining into my eyes making half my vision kind of blurry and dreamy.  With my hand up shielding the glare, I see Henry, my oldest son who is my husband's twin running at me as quickly as he possibly can.  He's brave and daring.  I suddenly realize that I'm crying and my heart aches.  I take a mental snapshot and put it in the file - you know that file.  The one way at the back of your mind where you keep all the memories that someday, in your last breathes, you get to relive one last time.

You want to remember how amazing things are right now.

The mess and the silliness.  The tickle fights and the tantrums.  Crazy and beautiful - imperfectly perfect.  Just when I think I’m drowning in the laundry list of chores that I’ll never get to, I hear them laughing in the other room. The kind of laugh that’s pure joy. The kind of laugh that turns into a giggle that runs out of control until they’re rolling on the floor. Or when I think they’re not being super good and they give me that look where they know they’re in trouble, but they really are sorry. And the hugs… oh gracious me, the hugs. So hard they actually hurt, but I am every bit in love with them anyways.

All of this magical fleeting madness will end all too soon.  You want to freeze these moments to relive them again for all your days.  For you, for your children, for your little family. You want to remember this moment and the magic you shared as they grew up. So you can always remember the way you were a growing family together.

Let’s plan a day you never want to forget.

Oldham Family Doc-87.JPG

Because there’s magic in cartwheels and in bubbles. In a perfectly roasted marshmallow and jumping on the bed.  In swinging as high as we can possibly swing and in blowing bubbles in our milk.  In hugs so tight that they actually hurt and in sticky eskimo kisses.  In running really really fast and climbing trees to catch a different view of the world.  There's magic in treating even the most mundane days like an adventure.


I believe in capturing families honestly and with heart.
no posing - no ‘say cheese’ fake smiles.
All real moments. real laughter. real fun.
pinky promise.


There’s no better time than right now. So let’s be friends - get in touch - and we’ll plan to spend a day together that you never want to forget.